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Below is a some of the equipment Linear Machining Technologies uses to provide superior products:

5-Axis CNC Mill/Turn: .25″ dia -6″dia x 16″ L envelope for complete 5-axis machining.  Equipped with sub-spindle for part transfers and “no-touch” machining

High Speed CNC Milling: Multiple vertical milling centers with capacity up to 64″ in length

4-axis CNC Turning/ CNC Turning: Multiple turning centers with capacity’s from .16″ dia – 12″ dia x 40″ long

EDM: 2 sinker styles. 12″ capacity

Heat treating: 12″ x 18″ capacity up to 2400 deg F.

Grinding: OD grinding up to 6″ dia x 18″ long | Surface grinding 6″ x 18″

Honing: Precision Sunnen Honing Machine

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